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Extreme Training Equipment

PL7342A 4 Station Multi Gym

$2,199.00 $3,999.00


PL7342A 4 Station Multi Gym by Extreme Training Equipment

The 4 station multi gym is great for a full body workout. 3 people can workout at the same time. Target your upper body and core with the vertical knee raise/dip station or isolate single muscle groups on the pec fly rear delt and multi press. Did someone say leg day? The 4 station includes a seated leg press and seated leg extension. 

The 4 station multi gym comes with the following stations:

  • seated leg press
  • pec fly rear delt
  • seated leg extension
  • multi press
  • lat pulldown
  • VKR dip


  • 2 X 200lbs weight stacks 2:1 ratio
  • Assembled dimensions: 99"L X 118"W X 84"H
  • Weight: 1,230lbs
  • Lat Bar Attachment included
  • adjustable seats/back pad