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PL7320J Functional Trainer with Storage

$2,299.00 $3,399.00


Selectorized Functional Trainer Dual Cable Machine with Storage. Full commercial.

Save space and keep all of your must have weights and med balls organized in one place with our functional trainer with storage. Grab your kettlebells/dumbbells or med balls and begin your HIIT workout or circuit training and mix in some iso training with the dual weight stacks.

Dimensions 50" L X 51" W X 91" H

  • Weight 1012lbs
  • Weight Stack 2 X 200lbs
  • 2:1 ratio
  • laser cut numbered uprights for quick adjustment
  • multi grip pull up bar
  • Color: Black

Attachments included:

  • 2 X nylon D handle
  • 3 X 42" medicine ball rails
  • 1 X 42" kettlebell tray, 10" depth
  • 1 X 42" dumbbell tray, 10" depth

Our functional trainer machine with storage is a great option addition to any commercial or home gym for resistance training to improve strength, speed and power.

With the functional trainer machine, you can isolate single muscle groups or perform full body and functional movements with resistance.  

Using the functional trainer you can perform exercises such as tricep extension, bicep curl, lat pulldown, chest press, squats, rows, deltoid raise, leg exercises and many more.