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Common Mistakes Made When Buying Free Weights

Posted on September 19 2023

Common Mistakes Made When Buying Free Weights

Fitness is about finding exercises that work for you and pushing yourself to the limit. Unfortunately, picking the wrong type of weights can hinder you rather than help you. Here are common mistakes people make when buying free weights so that you can avoid them.

Picking the Wrong Set

Free weights offer an immense variety, from dumbbells, kettlebells, and exercise balls to various grip options, designs, and coatings. Picking the right weights for your workout is essential. For instance, hex dumbbells stay put and do not roll around on the floor, so you can perform quick circuits without worrying about them rolling into your ankles.

Furthermore, neoprene-coated dumbbells make it easier on the hands by aiding in a firm hold while performing tedious exercises. Only buy the weights you need rather than every free weight available. The last thing you want is for your exercise equipment to collect dust from neglect.

Using the Same Weights for All Exercises

While dumbbells are incredibly helpful for performing multiple exercises, you shouldn’t rely on the same pair for every movement. Your upper and lower-body strength differ greatly; the lower body has bigger, stronger muscles than the upper body. The lower body can push through heavier, more challenging exercises, such as lunges, squats, and deadlifts.

Effective muscle training involves using a variety of weights. You should change weights through each exercise and determine which ones best suit your needs. A personal trainer can help you find the right exercise weights. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about starting small! Everyone starts somewhere—you’ll get stronger in no time.

Not Using the Right Weight

The point of using free weights is to perform your favorite exercises anywhere you like. However, one common mistake in purchasing free weights is using the wrong set. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or you’ve been working out for years, you should use the correct weights for your exercises.

If the free weights are too light, you won’t make physical progress or achieve your goals. However, if the weights are too heavy for you, it can quickly result in improper form and bodily injuries. You should be able to perform 8–12 reps with good form; it’s okay if the last few reps are challenging as long as you maintain your form.

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