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The Different Types of Weight-Lifting Bars

Posted on October 11 2023

The Different Types of Weight-Lifting Bars

Weight lifting has been a popular form of exercise for decades at commercial and private gyms. If you’re into lifting weights, you probably know a lot about different types of weight-lifting bars. But for those who are just getting started with weight training, knowing which bar to use can be overwhelming. Read on to discover the different types of weight-lifting bars and their specific uses.

Powerlifting Bar

The powerlifting bar is a type of bar most useful for powerlifting and weight-lifting competitions. This bar is stiffer and thicker than most, measuring 28 to 29 millimeters. It’s extra strong since it needs to accommodate extremely heavy weights.

Powerlifting bars also have deeper knurling and less whip, meaning heavier lifts and more forceful pulls are possible without the bar slipping or bending. Weight lifters use these bars for heavy squats, deadlifts, and benches.

Olympic Weight-Lifting Bar

If you’re looking for a bar perfect for performing the Olympic weight-lifting moves, then you need the Olympic bar. Compared with the powerlifting bar, the Olympic version is slightly lighter and measures shorter at 25 millimeters.

The Olympic weight-lifting bar consists of elastic steel or composite, which allows the shaft to flex. As a result, the lifter can lift greater loads and transition smoothly between the different Olympic lifts.

Safety Squat Bar

For anyone who loves squatting, the safety squat bar is a must-have. This barbell has a unique design that places the weight more forward, which shifts the center of gravity. The safety squat bar has two padded straps on the lifter’s anterior deltoids, which assists in keeping the bar from sliding off the shoulders during the squat movement.

Trap Bar

The trap bar is another of the different types of weight-lifting bars that appear in many commercial and garage gyms nowadays. Also known as a hex bar due to its hexagonal design, the trap bar is a uniquely superior creation that enables lifters to perform heavy deadlifts without heavy loading of the lower spine.

Because this bar spreads the load across both arms, it is more stable and lets you lift a greater weight. It is easier on the lower back, so weight lifters use it for shrugs, deadlifts, jump squats, and farmer carries.

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