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The Different Types of Weight-Lifting Plates

Posted on September 15 2023

The Different Types of Weight-Lifting Plates

There’s something gratifying about taking time out of your day to work your muscles and get a good sweat going. From barbell bench presses and bicep curls to barbell deadlifts and front squats, you want to use the proper equipment to achieve optimal form and execution. Explore the different types of weight-lifting plates every weight-training enthusiast should know about.

Bumper Weight Plates

For a kinder, more gentle option that suits instances of dropping, you can turn to bumper plates. These plates consist of dense rubber, giving them a slight bounce. You can easily drop bumper plates from a considerable height without worrying about leaving behind floor damage.

Furthermore, bumper plates come in many colors, making home or commercial gym gear stand out. However, bumper plates can cost more than cast iron plates. Lastly, try not to confuse bumper plates with any rubber-coated cast iron plates, which you don’t want to drop in the same way.

Traditional Cast Iron Weight Plates

One well-known type of weight-lifting plate is a traditional cast iron plate. These plates are among the most durable, long-lasting lifting plates that are resilient and won’t form cracks or other physical damage.

However, it’s crucial not to leave them in humid or outdoor environments, as they’re more susceptible to rust and corrosion. So, it’s essential not to let them encounter moisture. Another small issue is not letting lifters drop them, as these plates can leave damage on the floor. It’s crucial to set cast iron plates down gently between sets.

Urethane Weight Plates

Urethane-weighted plates are the most expensive option due to their material. They’re among the most durable plate materials available and can last many decades. Urethane plates are often a worthwhile investment, especially since you can drop them onto the floor without worry.

Choosing the right weight-lifting plates for your fitness space should make every penny worth it. At Extreme Training Equipment, we offer high-quality lifting plates for home gyms, commercial gyms, high school gyms, military, fire, and police facilities, and many more. Our Olympic plates give fitness lovers, from novices to professional powerlifters, the ability to train with absolute power and balance. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our lifting plates and fitness equipment.