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Extreme Training Equipment

PL7366A Smith Functional Trainer PRE ORDER

$2,599.00 $3,699.00


Extreme Training Equipment PL7366A Smith Functional Trainer Combo

  • multi-position pull up bar
  • pair j-hooks & pair spotter arms included to allow the use of a regular olympic bar
  • lower & upper band pegs included
  • 2 X 135lbs weight stacks
  • dual adjustable pulley
  • 1:1 ratio (you pull the true weight)
  • weight: 792lbs
  • dimensions: 60" width, 76" length, 90 1/2" height

Compare to our PL7366 ELITE Smith Functional Combo

The perfect all-in-1 gym. Using the functional trainer you can perform exercises such as tricep extension, bicep curl, lat pulldown, chest press, squats, rows, deltoid raise, leg exercises and more.

The smith machine includes safety stoppers in the event you cannot complete your exercise. You can safely perform exercises such as squat, bench press, hip thrust, rows, lunges, overhead press, calf raise and more.