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PL7345 5 Station Gym

$7,199.00 $8,999.00


PL 7345 5 Station Gym

Get a full body workout with the 5 station gym. Pull up bar included in the middle of the cable crossover.

Size: 182″ X 129″ X 91″

Weight: 1885lbs

Weight Stack: 200lbs x 5

2:1 ration

Our 5 station gym comes with the following stations:

  • Single Cable Crossover x 2
  • Lat Pull Down x 1
  • Tricep Press Down x 1
  • Low Row x 1
  • Nylon D Handle attachments included. Check out our attachments below as additional add ons (tricep rope, tricep pressdown, 48" lat bar, D handle, curl bar, row/chin attachment)

8 Stack, 5 Stack, 4 Stack, 2 Stack Cable Crossover Configurations are also Available.