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Extreme Training Equipment

PL7014 Seated Leg Extension Leg Curl Plate Loaded

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Extreme Training Equipment Seated Leg Extension Leg Curl plate loaded

Target your hamstrings and quads with our seated leg extension leg curl machine.

  • quickly adjust the position of the foot roller with the pop-pin to transition from leg extension to leg curl
  • 360 pin holes to allow for the most resistance at the start of the exercise
  • adjustable roller to lock your thighs in place
  • adjustable seat depth to accommodate users of all sizes
  • 10.5" loadable chrome weight peg
  • 9" chrome weight holder peg
  • heavy duty vinyl upholstery and firm padding
  • dimensions: 41" X 37" overall
  • commercial 2" X 3" tubing 11 gauge steel
  • weight: 150lbs
  • user capacity 350lbs

plate loaded leg extension leg curl