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Extreme Training Equipment

Open Trap Bar PRE ORDER

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Extreme Training Equipment Open Trap Bar

Our open trap bar comes with a built-in deadlift jack to allow you to load plates more easily.

Like our traditional trap bar, the open trap bar reduces stress on your spine because the weight is centered.

With 14" sleeves, you can load several plates and perform exercises such as squats, farmer's carries, lunges, shrugs, deadlifts and more. The dual handles allow for different lifting angles and the lower handle allows for a longer range of motion.


  • built-in deadlift jack
  • dual handles, 1.25" diameter, 9.75" length
  • weight: 46lbs
  • 14" sleeves
  • 68.5" overall length
  • 2" X 4" round tubing
  • for olympic plates only
  • weight capacity 800lbs



 open trap bar